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Take charge of a fragile, medieval society as Lord of Kaldheim. Your loyal castle staff are your most important resource. Recruit, train and grow them to become powerful agents - capable of carrying out your most elaborate schemes. Give them orders that fit your strategy: send them to improve village buildings, spy on a person of interest, arrest criminals or order them to attack a rival baron. It’s your rule.

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Manage your agents

Your loyal agents are your most important resource. The only way for you to interact with the game world is by ordering your agents to do your bidding. You want taxes to be collected? You have to order your tax collector. You need something built? You send your most charming agent to strike a deal with the village carpenter.

Survive the reign

Even for an overlord there are checks and balances, nobody does something for free. Figure out what they want if you want them to follow you. People can challenge your power, secretly plot against you and try to form a revolt. They all have desires and unlocking their secrets is key to your power

Captivating, emergent gameplay

All characters have agency, desires and goals. If treated right, any character can become an agent of yours. Every gamestart is unique and challenging - characters, relationships and events allow for a unique story each time you play. We want to stay true to the spirit of the 14th century with beautiful music and visuals, that immerse you in the setting

Unrule is currently in development. Everything you see is work in progress, with very early stage art and design implemented.


Development log